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    One Glamorous Lash At A Time


    Our estheticians pride themselves on caring for each one of your lashes. Our luxury lashes coupled with the best glue in the market help create our unique lash looks. Overall our goal comes from helping you achieve your desired lash look, no matter how simple or dramatic. However, our priority always stems from maintaining the health of your natural eyelashes. Our selected lash brands are hypoallergenic and lightweight. Lash Beauty Spot also offers both regular and sensitive eyelash glue. Lash Beauty Spot has highly trained professionals who ensure the eyelash extension process remains safe.

    Our clients have trusted us to create the marvelous lash looks they have come to adore. We cater to all styles such as classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume lashes. If you're feeling adventurous and want a unique, bold look, our senior and master technicians are skilled in creating spikes, adding bottom eyelash extensions, or adding colorful extensions to your look.


Our Story And Creativity


Lash Beauty Spot is a family-owned business. The idea of venturing into the beauty industry started as a playful conversation over a family dinner. That lively conversation led to our journey into the beauty industry. Sailing into the beauty industry meant sailing into uncharted waters. However, overtime Lash Beauty Spot has evolved into one of the most integral parts of our lives. Our family-owned business has come to adopt both our estheticians and clients as part of our family. We pride ourselves on treating everyone like family and bringing smiles to those who enter our doors.

Our creativity stems from the ever-changing beauty industry. Our team of estheticians and managers consistently scour various sources for the latest beauty trends and products. As creative professionals, we are constantly learning and trying out new things. Inspiration typically stems from other artists, nature, and often clients themselves who provide creative feedback. More often than not, clients have unique ideas and further feed our hunger to learn and become more creative.

Lash Beauty Spot provides a warm, welcoming environment where our Lash Beauty Spot Family feels at home. We hope you become part of the Lash Beauty Spot Family!

Meet Our Professional Team

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    Angelica Fonseca

    Master Tech / Operations Manager

    Hi, my name is Angelica Fonseca, and my purpose in life is to make people feel confident and beautiful. I

  • team

    Eduardo Fereira

    Junior Tech / Front End Manager

    Hi, my name is Eduardo Fereira. I'm a self proclaimed artist. My art includes my love for dance, drawing, makeup

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    Crystal Macario

    Senior Technician

    Hi, I'm Crystal Macario. I have been in the beauty industry since I was 18. Make-up was my first love

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    Karen Lucena

    Front End Assistant

    Hi, my name is Karen Lucena. I'm a social butterfly who loves to make everyone feel comfortable. I love the